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Amy Marsden




Who Is Amy Marsden?


Amy Marsden has always wanted to be an author, so naturally she has a degree in biomedical science. Unable to resist the pull of writing however, she started her first novel, Survivors, while she was still at university. 

As part of the LGBTQ community she wants to see more representation and diversity in media, therefore all of her main characters will reflect that.

Amy lives by the sea with her wife and their extremely photogenic cat. She is the jar opener and her wife is the bug catcher. When she's not writing she's daydreaming about writing.



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It's Jennifer's 24th birthday and she plans to spend it having fun with her friends. Instead, she ends up running for her life through the dark streets of London.

Her world is torn apart by a new disease, the likes of which has never been seen before. The government's decision to conceal its deadly nature exacerbates the panic, and in all the confusion Jennifer is bitten by an infected person.

That's it, right? Her life is over.


Immune to the virus' ravaging effects, Jennifer finds herself with a small group of survivors. Together, they must fight to stay alive long enough for a cure to be found. Humanity won't be beaten by a virus.

But madness looms large, and safety seems forever out of reach.

Survivors – NineStar Press

Survivors: Marsden, Amy: 9781648903502: Books


Reviews for Survivors

'... the writing is the absolute best - probably one of the best I've ever read... I'd recommend this to anyone who likes the zombie genre (or anyone new to it)...'

'An awesome debut!'

'This book is so much fun to read... I can't wait for the second book!'

'Survivors is a solid debut jam-packed with action, intriguing characters and an equally intriguing storyline.'

'Seriously, this should be made into a film... I understand this is a debut novel. Wow is all I can say.'

'This is one of the most exciting books I've read all year and as far as debut novels go, this was outstanding.'



Jennifer Clarke

As photojournalism student, Jennifer is never far from her camera. She is kind and determined, constantly battling an emptiness in the name of the friends she's lost. She won't stop until the group is safe.


James Mollino

A solider through and through, James has been tasked to protect a rag-tag group of survivors. Easier said than done. Along with two other soldiers he does everything in his power to get everyone to safety.


Victoria Kelly

An ex-English teacher with a shocking history, Victoria hates this disease and those who lie about it. She unleashes the monster within to fight the monsters without.



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